Do Sandhill Cranes Eat Corn?

Do Sandhill Cranes Eat Corn?

By Akash 4 Min Read

Sandhill cranes are the tallest birds in North America, with a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet. They are also one of the oldest bird species in the world, with fossils dating back over 2 million years.

Sandhill cranes are known for their loud, bugling calls and their graceful dancing rituals. Sandhill cranes are omnivores that’s why they can eat both plants and animals.

Their diet varies depending on the season and location, but it typically includes insects, worms, seeds, berries, and small mammals.

Sandhill cranes are also known to eat corn, especially during the spring and fall migration seasons.

Why do sandhill cranes eat corn?

Corn is a good source of energy and nutrients for sandhill cranes. It is also often abundant and easy to find, especially in agricultural areas.

Sandhill cranes can eat a lot of corn in a short period of time, which is helpful during migration when they need to refuel.

How do sandhill cranes eat corn?

Sandhill cranes use their long bills to peck at the corn kernels. They may also dig for corn that has fallen to the ground.

Sandhill cranes have been known to eat up to 800 corn kernels per day!

When do sandhill cranes eat corn?

Sandhill cranes are most likely to eat corn during the spring and fall migration seasons.

However, they may also eat corn during the winter and breeding seasons if it is available.

The impact of sandhill cranes on corn crops

Sandhill cranes can damage corn crops by eating the young plants and seeds. However, there are ways to reduce crop damage, such as planting late-maturing corn varieties and using scare tactics to deter the cranes.

Sandhill cranes and corn

While sandhill cranes can damage corn crops, they are also an important part of the ecosystem. Sandhill Cranes help to control insect populations and seeds.

Farmers and wildlife biologists are working together to find ways to reduce crop damage while protecting these birds.

What can farmers do to reduce crop damage?

  • Plant late-maturing corn varieties. Sandhill cranes are more likely to eat young corn plants, so planting late-maturing varieties can help to reduce damage.
  • Use scare tactics to deter the cranes. Farmers can use noisemakers, scarecrows, and other methods to scare the cranes away from their fields.
  • Work with wildlife biologists to develop new ways to reduce crop damage. For example, some biologists are experimenting with planting corn in different patterns to make it less attractive to sandhill cranes.

What can we do to protect sandhill cranes?

  • Support organizations that are working to protect sandhill cranes and their habitat.
  • Educate others about the importance of sandhill cranes and the need to protect them.
  • Avoid feeding sandhill cranes. Feeding wild animals can make them dependent on humans and can also disrupt their natural diet.

By working together, we can find ways to protect sandhill cranes and corn crops. These magnificent birds play an important role in our ecosystem, and we are fortunate to share this planet with them.


Sandhill cranes are beautiful and fascinating birds that play an important role in the ecosystem. They are also known to eat corn, especially during the spring and fall migration seasons. While sandhill cranes can damage corn crops, there are ways to reduce crop damage while protecting these birds.

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